Below is a list of the global workers we support. You can find out more about each of their ministries and what they do around the world. If you’d like to help us support them, check out our GIVE page and follow the link!




John and Julie run many different ministries in Kyrgyzstan, but their main focus is The Farm. The Farm is a great place where orphans and those who have fallen through the cracks can get a fresh start at life. They will be given a warm bed, hot meals, and even a small salary for woking on The Farm. More importantly, they will receive the counselling, training, and direction that they need to develop hope for their future. You can find out more about John and Julie’s ministry here.


Restricted Access Nation

J and J are Associate Pastors in a Restricted Access Nation . They moved their family in 2014 and have started a ministry to Syrian refugees, serving 300 families weekly. Currently, their goals are to be fluent in the native language and spread the Gospel to one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.



El Salvador

In El Salvador, the Williams work with 10’s of thousands youth and children, and hundreds of adults, spread out all over the country.  Their ministry has expanded into 33 countries.  They are constantly receiving emails and calls to come to new countries and teach them to reach the children of that country.  It is not because of any one person, rather God is radically and strategically empowering children to reach generations for Christ.  You can find out more about the Williams Family here.

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Ethiopia, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Russia

NPC is proud to support our members Gord and Diane Lewis, and their organization, Mission of T.E.A.R.S.. Mission of T.E.A.R.S. is working to build the indigenous Christian populations from the people they serve to be leaders in their families, homes, work places, communities, societies, churches and countries. To accomplish this they partner with other organizations at home and abroad taking leadership in project development for both spiritual and social issues. You can find out more about Mission of T.E.A.R.S. here.




Paul is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development at Pan Africa Christian University. The school’s mission is to develop transformative, Godly Christian leaders through training, research and innovation for service to God in the Church and Community. His wife, Lynn, is an Associate Minister at Christ Is The Answer Ministries Parklands: a church which was planted to reach out to the Indian Community in Nairobi.  She also teaches in the Transformational Church Leadership Program for PACU and is currently the MemberCare Coordinator for Africa.