Treasured VBS - July 11-15

Embark on an epic quest through hidden ruins, ancient caves, and dense jungles. At Treasured VBS, kids dig into action-packed, faith-filled adventures where they'll discover God’s greatest treasure isn’t diamonds, gems, or gold–it’s them!

VBS runs July 11-15th from 9am-Noon for kids in SK-Grade 5. Registration is open now and you can sign up by contacting Pastor Solomon at or (705) 639 2187

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NPC Kids

We believe that children need to learn about God, live with God, and let others know they can experience God too. Children, just the same as you or me, can walk with God as they are supported by the Church and their family. We provide Sunday and Wednesday night programming for children and seek to empower parents to teach their children about God throughout the week at home.

Kids Ministries

preschool -

Sundays @ 10am

We love having preschoolers as a part of our church which is why we have a special class for your children ages 2-4 so they can learn about Jesus too! All children begin in the main service and are dismissed to their classes after worship.

super church - 

Sundays @ 10am

Not only do children get to connect and make new friends in Super church, elementary-aged children get to explore the Bible through interactive stories, games and activities. All children begin in the main service and are dismissed to their classes after worship.

funshops - 

Wednesdays @ 7pm

Wednesday nights are a time for children to participate in 'Funshops' where they learn a new skill or activity with other children in the area. If you're in SK-Grade 5 you won't want to miss out! Need a ride? We have a bus for kids in Havelock to join us! Email  for more info!

Our Vision

To read more about our vision for NPC's Children's Ministry click the drop downs below!

  • We want children to know everything they can about God. Who he is, his character, the promises he’s made to us. That way when someone asks them, “Why God?” they can feel secure. We do this by teaching children about the Bible and by empowering parents to do the same.

  • We believe that children can live with and experience God just like you or me and that a healthy Christian life becomes more than just learning who God is but experiencing it too. We want to empower and enable the kids in our church to worship and pray and serve God right now. We do this by giving our children opportunities to search deeply for God and to serve the church body.

  • We believe that children can be evangelists to those around them. Children have the power to reach others and tell them about God unlike any other. We want to give children opportunities to reach others and let them know about the amazing things God has done in their life. We do this by providing programming that is friendly for the unchurched and easy to invite friends too.