Global Missionaries

Below is a list of the global workers we support. You can find out more about each of their ministries and what they do around the world. If you’d like to help us support them, check out our 'give' page and follow the link!

  • John and Julie Wright - Kyrgyzstan

    John and Julie run many different ministries in Kyrgyzstan, but their main focus is The Farm.  The Farm is a great place where orphans and those who have fallen through the cracks can get a fresh start at life.  They will be given a warm bed, hot meals, and even a small salary for working on The Farm.  More importantly, they will receive the counselling, training , and the direction that they need to develop hope for their future.  You can find out more about John and Julie's ministry here.

  • Mission of t.e.a.r.s - Ethiopia, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Russia

    NPC is proud to support our members God and Diane Lewis, and their organization, Mission of T.E.A.R.S.  Mission of T.E.A.R.S is working to build the indigenous Christian populations from the people they serve to be leaders in their families, homes, work places, communities, societies, churches and countries.  To accomplish this they partner with other organizations at home and abroad taking leadership in project development for both spiritual and social issues.  You can find out more about Mission of T.E.A.R.S.  here.

  • Paul and lynn Kohls - slovakia

    The primary focus and passion of this ministry is to develop young leaders to become a church planting movement across the region.  Both will teach in the college and come alongside leaders to help build and expand the kingdom in this ever-so-needy post communist, post-Christian very secular mission field.  

  • ed dickson, loads of love - Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Middle East

    Ed Dickson and his family have been serving orphan children, seniors, refugees, and local churches in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Middle East since 1996.  He was born in Canada, raised on a tomato farm, and received a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics.  One day, visiting orphan children in Ukraine, his life goals were changed.  Ed has been serving children since that day.

  • leigh-ann davidson - Mission canada urban worker, peterborough

    As a Mission Canada worker, it is Leigh-Ann's heart to pour out love onto all of God's people - to be so filled with the Spirit that it bubbles out onto everyone she encounters.  More specifically, she feels called to serve Peterborough's street-affiliated population through her work with Street-Level Advocacy. This ministry is about feeding.  It's about giving a drink.  It's sitting and listening. Welcoming the stranger.  It's caring, providing clothing, connecting, visiting and more!  Ultimately, it's about showing the love of Christ can be made known to those who need to know Him.  Read more about this ministry here.